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Is there anyone that could please send me a copy of the color chart/graph! I located this that I bought years ago and I cannot find the chart! I am 1/3 done with it. ☹️ If no one has it can you direct me how to get one??
I am very confused about the colors on this, I have yellow left, is that the melon??? HELP!
I lost the color chart to my Shaggy Flower power wonderart latch hook kit. I got this a year ago but the paper telling me which color comes next is gone. Dose anyone have this kit? If so please send me a pic of the Color graph chart paper thing Please. Thank You!
Is this a printed canvas?
I order this product on sept 21 I was wondering switching to a different canvas or if you have yet?
I'm so confused, I have no clue where I'm suppose to start on the canvas. The canvas has more boxes and holes then the picture grid. Please help Thank you Patti
was just wondering if you have a latch hook rug kit for hockey. saw the hockey skates but wondering if you have one with a hockey stick and puck for instance
Does this "Love Heart" Latch Kit come with an easy to use color grid already printed on the canvas so I know which colors to latch on?
do you have any good ideas or a direction you point me in that's going in the right direction.. I have a wonderart shaddy latch hook kit number 426307 its a tie die spinny thing lol I found the yarn box and everything in the box just not the instructions any ideas well be great but put not google lol as to as I already googled it and it failed me nothing about instructions just about buying the who kit again to be sure theres got to be a way to find instructions SOMEWHERE for FREE on the internet
I found my old latch kit of the tiger cub and I lost the chart... could someone please send the chart if you have it??
I am working on gathering supplies to make a T-shirt latch hook rug. The instructions recommend a latch-hook tool with comfort grip. Is that what this tool has?
I've designed a latch rug to make for my son for Christmas, any advice on where to the yarns from? Many thanks
I have finished this kit and would like to turn it into a pillow, but I'm not sure what size pillow form I'm supposed to use. The finishing instructions say to use a pillow form. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me figure out what size the pillow form is supposed to be for this 12"x12" project. Thank you!
Does anyone know if this pattern is printed on the canvas? thanks
My mom just started on the kit for the Wonderart treble note. She has misplaced the directions for the colors. Does anyone have the kit? Can we please get a copy of the key (guide)?

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