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flower latch hook
Has anyone done this pattern and how hard was it? I am thinking of doing it for daughter's baby's room, but would it be big enough as a throw rug?
Posted By sshuff03 on 10/28/14.    13 Views
Does the same colored yarn come with it?
Posted By tamz4114 on 10/27/14.    14 Views,   1 Replies:
How to
I desperately need help. I did a latch hook rug several years ago but I have forgotten how to latch hook. Can someone help me in SIMPLE terms wh...
Posted By dennisdebbie17 on 10/21/14.    59 Views
I need to know if this latch hook canvas is stamped with the picture or is it the graft kind. My daughter needs the stamped kind.
Posted By jude109 on 10/21/14.    58 Views,   1 Replies:
Caron peach/pink colored Clipper Ship
Hi, my daughter bought this latch hook made by caron for her grand mother and apparently lost the color code chart sheet. Does anyone know how...
Posted By tizjmt on 10/17/14.    66 Views,   1 Replies:
Binding edge of five-foot round rug made with 2 1/2 inch acetate yarn
Is the Bondex item suitable for our rug, or is there a better choice? Cliff Skinner
Posted By clifskin on 10/18/14.    53 Views
What hook should I buy for a beginner. I am looking at the milk shake kit for kids
Posted By jhusted54 on 10/17/14.    58 Views
Latch Hook Sizes
I purchased a vintage latch hook kit that has holes in the canvas that are to small for the standard latch hook to go through. I can't seem to find a...
Posted By kkuriger57 on 10/15/14.    60 Views,   1 Replies:
availability of custom backings for carpets
quite some time ago I started making some carpets of movie studio logos, and I am starting up to finish the set. I need to find where i can purchas...
Posted By pickettmichael75 on 10/03/14.    97 Views,   1 Replies:
I always run out of colors!
Hi I've just recently started doing latch hook projects. I'm on my 2nd now and both times I've run out of at least one of the colors - any ideas what...
Posted By slp312 on 09/08/14.    167 Views,   1 Replies:
Lost pattern
I have lost my pattern for this latch hook and wonder if there is any way to get just pattern again? I am over half finished the project. Thanks
Posted By mosherclan14 on 10/13/14.    74 Views
Contents of kit and instructions
Does the kit come with the hook or must that be purchased separately? Is the cavas color coded to assist with placement of yarn or does one wo...
Posted By laleadbetter on 10/04/14.    111 Views,   1 Replies:
lost latch hook instructions - wonderart cupcake
My great-niece lost the color chart/instructions from her first latch hook kit and I am hoping to find a copy without buying another kit. Does anyo...
Posted By mjmartin53 on 10/03/14.    88 Views
Question! :)
As someone who has NEVER done latchhook (At least, not in many years) and am buying this as a get-well gift and project for someone - I need to ...
Posted By r.l.fegette on 10/02/14.    111 Views
old, peacock latch hook rug pattern
About ten years ago I bought a Wonder Art latch hook rug kit showing a peacock from an estate sale. there was no coloring chart to it. I still hav...
Posted By CreativeAnna on 09/30/14.    120 Views
rug hooking
hi 34 years ago i did rug hooking of christmas stockings for my children who are now adults but i would like to make some for my grandchildren . th...
Posted By ginny001 on 09/27/14.    109 Views
Misplaced color chart
Hi everyone! My name is Cynthia and I'm new to Chit Chat. Hope all is well. Have been working on a latch hook kit for a long time. Took a brea...
Posted By cynthia on 09/24/14.    116 Views
New to the Message Board
Hi Everyone! I'm Debbie. I'm a retired 9-1-1 operator from Maryland, with no kids and two cats. I've been cross-stitching for many years, a...
Posted By 911Debbie on 02/04/14.    443 Views,   2 Replies:
forgotten how
I've forgotten how to latch hook. . could someone show/tell me how. .
Posted By vega2002dh on 08/31/14.    188 Views,   1 Replies:
stamped canvases
Are any of the canvases color coded?? My sister is on the autism spectrum and following charts is difficult. Thanks!!
Posted By klinton on 09/12/14.    192 Views,   1 Replies:
Role Poly Santa Christmas Tree Skirt
HELP! My kit just arrived and I expected it to have directions on how to make a slit in it. It is a complete circle with an unfinished area in the mid...
Posted By jgkjae on 09/19/14.    122 Views
fraying yarn ends
Hi all, I hope someone can help me. I've been working on a 5' by 5' project for quite some time and I sure don't want to start over. But I'm really s...
Posted By debbiens on 09/10/14.    162 Views
When will I be able to order this kit?? Many thanks, Milyzz
Posted By milyzz on 09/06/14.    183 Views
When will I be able to order this kit?? Many thanks, Milyzz
Posted By milyzz on 09/06/14.    165 Views
When I be able to order this kit?? Many thanks, Milyzz
Posted By milyzz on 09/06/14.    178 Views
onHover done