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forgotten how
I've forgotten how to latch hook. . could someone show/tell me how. .
Posted By vega2002dh on 08/31/14.    2 Views
Graph n Latch
I am new to this and not sure what is meant by Graph n latch.. Can you explain? I'm assuming it's different than just basic latch hook
Posted By leisaledford on 07/06/14.    198 Views,   1 Replies:
Color printed canvas
Is the picture color printed on the canvas? Are all of the Wonderart latch hook kits color printed on the canvas. I need kits that are color printed...
Posted By nancycallahan81 on 08/20/14.    57 Views,   1 Replies:
How can I get replacement instructions for the horse? What do you suggest for finishing binding? Sincerely, Dorothy Baxter aaadb@...
Posted By aaadb on 08/25/14.    15 Views
Last name latch hook kits
Hi, I am looking to purchase a latch hook kit with our last name. Any ideas as to where I can purchase one? Thanks Michele Hilt
Posted By mmagnuson17 on 08/23/14.    30 Views
lost instructions
I am working on a latchhook of 2 cats name is cuddly cats and ubfortunately I lost the instructions I am one quarter done if you can send the instru...
Posted By mercollage mer17 on 08/21/14.    49 Views
New to the Message Board
Hi Everyone! I'm Debbie. I'm a retired 9-1-1 operator from Maryland, with no kids and two cats. I've been cross-stitching for many years, a...
Posted By 911Debbie on 02/04/14.    234 Views,   1 Replies:
How many colors are in this rug kit? Is it a lot of the same or a variety of colors? I don't want to order this then get bored because it's too repetitiv...
Posted By aeonstead on 07/30/14.    127 Views,   1 Replies:
Equipment needed in addition to this kit.
I have never hooked a rug before. What other equipment would you recommend my buying? Thank you
Posted By bhollett7 on 08/03/14.    113 Views,   1 Replies:
extra yarn
I have run out of my colors/yarn and how am I able to get replacements
Posted By swrabjohns on 06/16/14.    248 Views,   3 Replies:
Lone wolf 4784
I have lost the chart for my lone wolf 4784 latch hook kit...does any one have this they could scan and email me, please???? :) Colleen
Posted By cnovosel on 08/18/14.    64 Views
Wonderart Color Chart Missing
Hello, We have the Midnight Wolves Latch Hook Kit, but the color chart is missing. Can anyone help us locate one, or give tips on how to com...
Posted By LovestoStitch on 08/07/14.    104 Views
Is there a way I can get a catalog or is it an order online only kind of thing?
Posted By cwillis1 on 08/06/14.    90 Views
Easy to follow chart
How can I get a replacement chart for the tabby latch hook kit #p543? It seems its been misplaced.
Posted By kgirardi1 on 07/29/14.    121 Views
latchhook kits
I just placed an order for two latch hook kits but realized that the tool does not come with the kit, can I add the latch hooks to my existing order??
Posted By vsjprosperity on 07/28/14.    105 Views
color chart
Posted By howellchriss on 06/17/14.    243 Views,   1 Replies:
426109 Cupcake kit
I am having a devil of a time in work in the yarn through the canvas. I don't know if it is the hook that I am using or the quality of the yarn. It is try...
Posted By mbriley55 on 07/26/14.    109 Views
yarn Identification
How in the world are we supposed to identify the colors in this kit?!!
Posted By brant.elmer04 on 07/25/14.    126 Views
Need chart
I lost the chart for this project during a move. Does anyone have the chart that I could purchase? I already have the kit.
Posted By evak1975 on 07/21/14.    138 Views
Rug Hooking Canvas
My dad has done a Patton's kit called Cat on a Mat, and would like to do it again. Only I don't know what kind of canvas it was except it was a 20"x...
Posted By jantjekorvemaker on 07/18/14.    161 Views
Does this item come with a stamped canvas as opposed to a blank canvas and a chart?
Posted By jj4short on 07/18/14.    136 Views
beautiful rug
Is the pattern printed on the canvas? - I am eager to find rugs my 95 year old aunt can do.
Posted By tomaryand on 07/13/14.    168 Views
buying by bulk
I am looking too start my owe company up and I am just looking too see what kind of deal you can gave me if I by the bulk
Posted By gentlegiant0702 on 07/12/14.    156 Views
Finishing project
I just started on a peace sign pillow for my granddaughter, want to know how to finish it when I need to do this.
Posted By cbt433 on 07/07/14.    176 Views
missing instruction sheet
Does anyone know where I can get a duplicate instruction sheet for this particular latch hook? I bought this a while ago for my daughter. Now sh...
Posted By kcenco3 on 07/07/14.    187 Views
onHover done