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instruction sheet
I have this kit, a gift from a friend. However the instruction sheet is missing. Is there any way I could get an instruction sheet?
Posted By coolbreeze on 02/11/16.    6 Views
Latch Hook Kit
2/6/16 I would like to know if the Star David latch hook kit comes with the design stamped on the canvas. Thanks, Morris Koffer
Posted By morriskoffer3 on 02/07/16.    36 Views,   1 Replies:
there is no why I could begin this project. you should have put the pattern on the canvas or let people know that the canvas is blank. I would neve...
Posted By isbell.mason.r on 02/10/16.    20 Views,   1 Replies:
yarn cutter tool for latch hook projects
I am doing latch hook projects with my students, but buying precut yarn is too expensive. Can I buy a tool that measures it and cuts it? I have 1 no...
Posted By jstraw on 01/28/16.    84 Views,   2 Replies:
I have only done kits so far, and I purchased a pattern with no kit that I would like to try. The pattern gave me color numbers for Mary Maxim yarn,...
Posted By krn827 on 02/07/16.    25 Views
some colors are running out
i rodered this rug a lil while back(as it takes a while to do one of these) and i have come to find out that i ran out of several colors of yarn before i...
Posted By greasymd on 01/04/16.    150 Views,   5 Replies:
Where to By Additional Yarn
I have a Bernat Look hok the African Elephant which was given to me, however I need additional rug yarn to complete it. I live in Los Angeles will...
Posted By LA Hooking on 02/03/16.    38 Views,   1 Replies:
Savings code?
I finally received my replacement canvas, and I am looking at this "Nobody' Perfect Is they any code or anything a coupon or saying "Free Shippin...
Posted By lrnsal on 02/02/16.    43 Views,   1 Replies:
latch hook
Hi. Can you please tell me what comes with this kit. Is the wool and hook included.also is the canvas stamped with the picture. What's the freight...
Posted By denisedotmountney on 01/30/16.    53 Views,   1 Replies:
Hook Rug
Hi. I would like to make large rugs (8' X 8') and runners for my house and have made some hook rugs quite some time ago. i prefer southwestern a...
Posted By chgoknuths on 01/31/16.    44 Views
is the canvas stamped with colors
Do you have to follow a graph.
Posted By scott61bvd on 01/29/16.    71 Views,   2 Replies:
Sierra pattern sheet
Does anyone have a copy of the Sierra pattern sheet, the sku is 058490? I have lost mine and only a quarter of the way done.
Posted By rubyboxer6103 on 01/02/16.    150 Views,   4 Replies:
pre-printed designs
does anyone know who sells latch hook rug making kits with PRE-PRINTED designs already on the canvass/burlap and yarn to match colors on des...
Posted By inez on 01/27/16.    68 Views
Bucilla instructions
Does anyone have instructions for Bucilla latch hook rug kit "Oriental Garden". Kit number 13134.
Posted By Hilda on 01/27/16.    53 Views
Do it have ccolor in it if it plain I can't really do
Posted By katyjoewalker on 01/26/16.    80 Views,   1 Replies:
Is the up triangle = triangle pointing right? And the down triangle = triangle pointing left?
Posted By ronandkelly on 01/26/16.    58 Views
I got too top of this canvas and ran out of one yarn. Now I am having trumbo get it to frish it.
Posted By maryyoung5185 on 01/26/16.    72 Views,   1 Replies:
new directions
i am looking to find out how i can get a new set of directions/patter to follow for making the sierra latch hook. my directions were damaged when i...
Posted By candy on 01/21/16.    92 Views,   1 Replies:
Buster Bear
I'm not sure if I'm over thinking this but Can someone tell me - are we suppose to count each row across and each row down so we know if we are fo...
Posted By navymom910 on 01/20/16.    75 Views
Giraffe Kit
Can you please tell me the length of the yarn used to create this item?
Posted By H & H on 01/16/16.    101 Views,   1 Replies:
Is the canvas imprinted?
I am looking at different kits on your web site, but can not find any information regarding the canvas in the kits. Are they imprinted? My sp...
Posted By newtsmom on 01/16/16.    123 Views,   2 Replies:
The description of this rug suggests it can be made into a pillow. Are there directions on how this would be done?
Posted By darby1 on 01/15/16.    112 Views
instructions needed
need instructions & color chart for latch hook kit # "Freedom" Fl-13-3013 by Fireside Crafts
Posted By deedee001 on 01/15/16.    104 Views,   1 Replies:
rate it
hi i liked the design but not enough backing i had to get felt backing for it. Many years ago i got Christmas Stockings but the canvas was big enou...
Posted By ginny001 on 01/14/16.    121 Views
Plastic Yarn Caddy
Hello Everyone, Can anyone tell me where I can get a plastic yarn caddy for latch hook rug yarn? It is made of plastic and has six little round...
Posted By xssami on 03/18/14.    526 Views,   6 Replies:
onHover done