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I bought the kit and now I don't know how to place the pieces on the canvas, I have done latch hook rugs but not stufted animal help me in have looked everywhere but every where I look they think I want to buy a kit is already have the kit thank you
if I make this 1 does a chart come with it?
Could you tell me the difference in size from the 5 mesh and the 3.75 rug canvas? thanks, Bonnie
So... I'm making a latch hook rug for my nephew. It's the batman logo, and I'm free handing the design. However... I messed up when I was drawing it onto the canvas with sharpie. Is there anyway to get the sharpie off without ruining the canvas?
I need instructions for tractor I ordered for a friend and come with instrutions.
I bought this for my grandson and he lost the instructions. Can you email them to me ?
is this kit a counted kit or a stamped kit? does the canvas have the picture stamped on it or does the canvas has squares marked by blue lines?
Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving!! Our offices will be closed tomorrow and Friday (11/25) and we will not return to the office until Monday the 28th. Any emails sent to our Customer Service dept will still be answered but due to it being the holiday, reply times may be a bit longer than you're used to. I won't be answering anything on the message boards or our Facebook pages until I return on the 28th. We hope you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with your family and friends :) See you all next week!! ~Kristi @ ELH
I picked up a vintage latch hook canvas and Bucilla yarn at a thrift store in September and am unable to complete the background until I locate about 750 pieces of Bucilla Super Spun Dupont Orlon acrylic yarn in the color Sandstone #525, made in the USA. It's a cream color with quite a bit of yellow tint to it. The packaging at that time of manufacture was a 3 1/2" x 7" rectangular package with light yellow and brown ink, not the round wrapped tight packaging. I've been scouring auction and craft websites in the hope of finding it. No other cream/off white/light yellow is close enough to substitute over such a large area. I thought maybe someone here picks up random vintage latch hook yarn like I do and would be willing to sell it.
So I bought this kit from Michaels craft store and it didn't have the pattern/ design paper. Does anyone know where I can get a copy. Also I have three others that are a little older..
Hi, looking for the color key, directions, for this latch hook rug. It's over 15 years old. I thought I could figure it out but it's not that easy. If anyone has a copy??? Thank you!!!
My son loves doing latch hook and I had bought him the Caron National Latch Hook Kit Tabby Art# P543...he isn't even half way through and has lost the instruction/ color chart...I can not find a web site for them either. Can anyone help??
Can you tell me is the design is printed on the canvas
When cleaning I found my latch hook project and no Guide for it anyone know where I can get one? If you do, please tell me. Thank you Twig
I have the color chart/instructional graph for the Caron Sports R058 rug kit if anyone needs it.

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