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Is this a complete cushion that just has to be stuffed when finished
I don't have enough bright orange to finish
Hi.. I am making my very first bathroom rug. (26" circular) question is: What type & size mesh backing do you recommend using ? I was thinking Graph n Latch Mesh but can't seem to find in circular shape. Any suggestions will be so helpful!
Hi, I am new to the board. I have some canvas probably originally intended for a runner, about 17-18" wide to finished edge. I would need a pattern 60 stitches wide of any length. Any ideas of where to source one? I would like one of flowers, thought about "modifying" one 36x60, to just include the "inside" pattern. Any ideas?
Does anyone have a photo of the key color chart of the froggy? I bought mine from a garage sale and it didn't come with it. Will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
I lost the key color chart for the panda. If anyone could take a picture for me that would be great! Thanks
Help....... I purchased the above kit from Amazon and the top half of the chart is missing. Unfortunately not an option to return the kit as I am from New Zealand and would be too expensive. Have tried messaging MCG Textiles by email and via facebook but no joy so far. Does anyone have a copy of the chart that they can email to me so I haven't lost my money and can start this project??
I bought a latch hook kit for my Mother-in-law for Mother's Day and we think she put it in a magazine that was thrown away. Does anyone have a copy of the color chart for the Wonderart Prize Kitty kit? I would greatly appreciate it if someone would send me a picture of it.
Do they still make kits that have the picture stamped on the canvas? If so, can somebody tell me where to purchase an inexpensive one and a brand name? I purchased one and the canvas is not stamped and I am very disappointed.
Does anyone know where I can purchase a Harry Potter Latch Hook Kit? Thank you.
I am trying to locate a Spiderman latch hook pattern. If advise if you can assist. Thanks
Would like to purchase pre printed latch hook kit. Not sure if the one I chose is one. Please let me know the one aviailial, .. Thank you,..
Hi, I'm new to this site and can't find where it says that you ship to other countries. I'm from Australia and going from your prices, even with the exchange rate, your products are cheaper than what is available here in our shops.
Good afternoon could any one help me I am doing micro teach exam and my chosen subject latch hook. Could some one help me and tell me what the difference between 4 count canvas 3.75 and 5 count rug canvas and 18 count rug canvas pleas
Looking for a Golden Retriever kit, head only, no larger than 24x24, prefer stamped mesh. Found one on eBay but too large (24x34).

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