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Hello, We have the Midnight Wolves Latch Hook Kit, but the color chart is missing. Can anyone help us locate one, or give tips on how to complete the project without the chart? We have the printed canvas and all the yarns. Thank you!
I just finished a small 8x10 inch project, and the canvas has distorted from a rectangle to a parallelogram. How can I stretch the canvas back into the correct shape.
Is there any particular process for trimming the all over the finished latch hook rug when completed. I have searched you tube and the internet and cannot find sufficient information. I did read that you need to use curved handle scissors. By trimming the whole design so it doesn't look shaggy, would i destroy the look of the rug. I do like the look of shaggy rugs, but from looking at other finished latch hook rugs, they look like they may have been trimmed all over. Thank you
Hello There, Was wondering if your site sells replacement instruction for the blue butterfly number 426133? Thanks in advance! Anna Giles
Need help with my lact hook. I lost my lacth hook chat.
Is the pattern stamped on the latch hook kits? I has been years since I have done these. Back then the pattern was stamped on canvas. I want to get a kit for my husband to do as he has Alzheimers and I think this would be a great activity he could do.
Are these more like a big needlepoint project? They look too detailed to be latch hook.
I am looking to get back into doing latch hook again have not completed one since I was maybe 13-14 years old. Can you recommend a kit for me to get back into this? And do any of the kits come with the hook?
I have in herited a latch hook that was started by my mother everything appears to be there but a photo or pattern. I am guessing this is from the '60's. My issue is the varying length and colors of yarn. The photo shows the canvas and long yarn I'm not sure what to do with. Any help or advice is appreciated.
Hi. Do you have the contact information for Tobin? I'm looking to do the fire truck that measures 32" by 17" which is presently listed as Out of Stock.
Hello - How do you apply this to your hooked rug? By sewing it on the back or does it have an adhesive? Thanks, William David
The Sports Kit has been out of stock for a few weeks now is there any way someone could tell me when it should be back in stock?
My daughter got the Wonderart Latch Hook Kit 27 X40 - Midnight Wolves - 15686… but it did not have the color key with it. Is there any way one can be sent to us. It was a Christmas present from her brother and he did not keep the receipt.
Hello- I have been working on the rose 2566/37.074 by Verachtert and have been enjoying it - until now as the pre-printed canvas have a faint pink and a light yellow that are extremely close. So close, in fact that even under bright light the two colours are nearly indistinguishable from each other. Does anyone have a chart for this? None came with it (at least not with mine. Please Help! Thanks, William David
I got the puppy love 426132, but does it matter what way I start it? Meaning long wise or wide wise?

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