latch hook rug kits
where do i go to find kits that have the canvas preprinted with the picture on them? i will not count to do a kit since my eyesight is an issue but i love doing them if i can find the right kit???help
Posted by: 01soxfan on 12/27/15

Unfortunately, the manufactures of the latch hook kits, such as Caron, WonderArt and MCG Textiles, have stopped making them with the printed canvas. They made this change about a year ago and we aren't really sure why they stopped making this way but majority of the kits that are out now, won't have the design stamped on the canvas/mesh :( You could try contacting any of the above mentioned manufacturers to see if they are still selling the kits with the designs stamped on the canvas anywhere?! That would be the place that I would start.

~Kristi @ ELH
by: Kristi @ ELH on 12/28/15
I have poor eyesight too, but the pattern I am working on now is very easy to do ( it is a teddy bear holding a big heart..making it for a friend who is having a baby). What I do is count out how many pieces of yarn I need in a particular color for the row I am working on, for example 12 light blue then 15 white etc. I work left to right and when I finish a row I mark it with an "X" then highlight the row on the chart. I would much rather count then try and figure out which color goes in a particular square especially when the canvas was not printed straight and there would be 2 colors in one square. I can remember my mom and I working on a tree skirt once many many years ago and the canvas would have that issue with no color chart to follow and the picture on the box was not much help. So to me counting is easier. My next project is a fire truck for the older brothers of the baby that will be here on April 20th. Btw, the canvas now is clearly marked in 10 squares x 10 squares in a grid pattern and it's easy to keep track of where you are.
by: on 03/12/17