Shillcraft 407 Xanadu Yarn
My wife did latch hook rugs for about 10 years. Then she stopped and started doing stained glass. She past away about 6 months ago. While going through her things in a closet, I found a Shillcraft 407 Xanadu latch hook rug 4 foot long. The rug is about 4.5 inches from being finished. I am in the process of finding a person in the Denver area to finish the rug. However, it looks like there isn't enough of some of the colors (do not know for sure) . The yarn is Shillcraft 6 ply wool rug yarn. Anybody made this rug and have any leftover yarn. Shillcraft has been bought by a new company and no longer carries this rug or its yarn. It is a beautiful pattern and I would like to get it finished and placed in a bedroom in memory of my wife. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Posted by: fvandy79 on 12/14/16
You could try to local craft store for a similar color yarn and cut it into pieces yourself or order a similar color online. I could finish the rug for you, I live in Australia. If interested, feel free to send me a photo of the rug.
by: on 07/10/17