Rug canvas
Good afternoon could any one help me I am doing micro teach exam and my chosen subject latch hook. Could some one help me and tell me what the difference between 4 count canvas 3.75 and 5 count rug canvas and 18 count rug canvas pleas
Posted by: Grace on 04/14/17
Standard canvas which is in most of the kits is 3.75, I think that is 4 stitches per inch. 5 count canvas will have more stitches per inch for a finer detailed latch hook rug and sometimes you will need to use a finer hook because it will have more stitches per inch than the standard 3.75. 18 count rug is stacks more finer again and I think you need to use a different needle all together. I assume with 18 count may not be used for a latch hook rug but some other craft, maybe locker hooking.It would have stacks more stitches per inch. I hope I have got that right :)
by: on 04/17/17