pre printed
Would like to purchase pre printed latch hook kit.
Not sure if the one I chose is one.
Please let me know the one aviailial, ..
Thank you,..
Posted by: Jo on 05/12/17

The one that is pictured in your post will not have the design stamped onto the canvas. A few years ago, manufacturers such as Caron and WonderArt stopped making them with the designs printed on the canvas. Majority of the kits we sell on our website are like this. There are a few we have that are stamped and they are the new Disney character ones.

Whether or not if the canvas is stamped will be listed in the products Description. If the canvas is not stamped, the description will be written like this: "Kits include: pre-cut acrylic yarn, illustrated instructions with an easy-to-follow chart and 3.3 gauge canvas"

If the canvas is stamped, the products description will be written like this: "Kit includes: full color printed canvas, pre-cut yarn and easy-to-follow instructions. Latch hook tool is not included"

So, you just have to read the Description of the product on the website to know which ones are stamped or not. But a majority of the kits we have are not pre-printed. Hope this information helps :)

~Kristi @ ELH
by: Kristi @ ELH on 05/12/17