Santa Face kit
The quality is good, but I was shorted some long white yarn. I also don't believe there is enough long red yarn. I called the company & was told they would send what I need. I have not received the yarn & there has been ample time. I will call again tomorrow. Needless to say I am disappointed with their customer service. Nancy
Posted by: on 07/06/17
If this kit is from MCG textiles, they are known to not always have enough yarn in the kit. All good though because if you call them close to 9am USA time, you should be able to reach the lady that works there. She is not always in the office and I have found calling close to 9am , I have been able to contact her. Maybe the yarn was out of stock in the warehouse and they are awaiting delivery. Same thing happened to me, but I got the yarn delivered to me.
by: on 07/07/17