I bought this a few years ago and only got a piece of the grey completed before setting it on a shelf and forgetting about it. Here recently, I decided that i wanted to jump back in and finish the latch hook design. I have all of the yarn, canvas, and even the latch hook tool. Unfortunately, I am missing the color guide that coordinates with the design. I was hoping somebody had a copy of this or even knows how I can get one so I can finish this! My email is if anybody has a copy! I appreciate any and all help that I can get!
Posted by: Maegyn Rawlings on 07/20/17

You will need to contact the manufacturer of this kit and have them send you a replacement color key. MCG Textiles is the manufacturer of this product and here is their website: Just contact them and let them know what you need and they will send you replacements.


Morgan @ ELH
by: Morgan @ ELH on 07/26/17