I received this kit by mail in Canada. I have all the pieces however the pattern is not drawn on the canvas. Does this mean I will have to draw all the nineteen pieces on the canvas? This is very complicated since the paper pattern is much smaller, some of the pieces overlap and I do not understand or have an explanation for the numbers that are placed within each piece on the paper pattern. Is it a mistake that the pattern is not drawn on the canvas? Can anyone assist? I may have to return the entire package since it is not clear how to transfer the pattern onto the canvas?
Posted by: Mamie on 07/28/17

The manufacturers of latch hook kits stopped making them with the design printed on the canvas a few years ago. We have very few that actually have the design stamped on the canvas and if a kit does have it stamped, our description on our website will state it is stamped. If it's not stated in our online description, then the canvas will be blank. We are not sure why the manufacturers made this change to their products but this is the only way we can receive certain latch hook kits because that's how they are produced. I am not sure how this specific manufacturer puts the instructions and charts in their kits, so you might want to contact the actual manufacturer and ask them for clarification. Here is their contact information:
596 Crane St.
Lake Elsinore, CA 92530

~Kristi @ ELH
by: Kristi @ ELH on 07/28/17