Tweeded colors
Hello everyone. I really need help! I am doing the mickey mouse mcg textiles. Im working on Mickey Mouse face. It tell me to use 315 light rust(2) & 313 dark flesh (1). I need help because i dont know how to tweet the colors and also i have know idea what color is 313. I post a pic but i will also post the strings so yall can tell me what colors to use.
Posted by: Charnise on 10/27/17
These are all the strings that came with it. I would really appreciate anyone who can help me. Please and thank you
by: Charnise on 10/27/17
I have an indian chief circular rug that is partially completed with yarn and would like to give it to someone who does these rugs. I will ship it. This is also a shillcraft.
by: jimi on 11/04/17
it should state the numbers on your yarn.
by: tissi99 on 11/14/17