stamped hooking rug set
today I bought a hooked rug 43.00 2 wolfs and midnight moon but I find canvas with no stampingjust blank and pis wirh all numbers which I cannot read too small and I don't see good this is for my 9yr granddaughter who iam raiseing and she lovs wolfs how do I get one with stamping on it or where can I get it done
Posted by: snowflake on 10/31/17
More than happy to help you, I do latch hook, just send it to me and I will finish it for you, including the binding.
by: tissi99 on 11/14/17
you can email me at
attached is some of my work
by: tissi99 on 11/14/17
and the mountain
by: tissi99 on 11/14/17