Missing instructions
This is the one my mom bought with missing instructions. If anyone knows a way to get them I'd greatly appreciate it. I'd even pay half the cost of the kit if anyone still has theirs.
Posted by: Mandee on 12/10/17
Google Gmc textile telephone no. then call them and tell them about your problem
by: on 01/06/18
Hi Mandee,
I have the same problem with a latchhook kit from MCG Textiles; I bought mine from a store and when I finally found the time to sit down and relax and open my box to start my project, it was missing the instructions. I contacted the place where I bought it, and they said to contact the manufacturer, I tried that and they are no longer in business. I have the 18" round Palm Tree so if anyone has the instructions they can part with after they complete their kit, please let me know and I would gladly compensate you in some way. I wonder how many other kits from this manufacturer are incomplete?
Mandee I hope someone can help you get your instructions. I just hate to have to spend the money to buy another kit just for the instructions on mine.
Good Luck!
by: Pam on 02/03/18