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Hi! I'm looking for 5 mesh canvas (5 holes per inch). I only see 3.75 mesh, which just doesn't give the same level of detail. Can anyone help? I found this but didn't know if there were other alternatives. Thanks! Sincerely, M4Mesh
Last year I hooked a beautiful rug of a Yorkie dog. I would like to do another one. I can't find the kit anywhere? Can anyone help?
Hi I have a horse head latch hook and I’ve started it awhile ago but then I moved due to a divorce. I have everything except for the paperwork for the color code and then the other one to go off of. Is there anyway of sending me the paperwork to the horse head and if so I would be grateful. This is for my daughter. Thank you Kim Romig
Hey there! I recently purchased a set but 3-4 of the colors are incredibly similar. I know this because after sorting I was missing 3 whole colors. Any ideas tips or tricks to figuring out which color is light brown and which is light-light brown ./
I am about halfway through this little cutie and have misplaced the pattern!!! Does anyone know where I can get a replacement?!?!
I purchased several ladder of yarn latch hook kits a number of years ago, but don't have any instructions. I contacted the company who made them, but to no avail. Has anyone ever done any of these kits
I was looking for one of your designs that was on your advertisement n could not find it. The beach with two white beach chairs with a Christmas tree
I just bought this dimensions latch hook kit for my friends kid. She's 7 but having issues because there was no color key in the box. The pattern is printed in a faint color on the canvas. Is there a way I can find a color key? I can't find a way to contact dimensions so I am not sure how to contact the to ask if the have one.
I have lost my color code for pattern "Water Street Doorway" This pattern was published in April of 1999 by Cross Stitch & Needlework. The photograph of pattern was taken by Perry Struse. I have half the pattern finished buy due to moving have lost the color code. Thank you for any help.
Looking for Caron Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny Latch Hook Kit LT0021 13x13 Thank you ~ in advance!
Lost my pattern sheet for that caron deer kit does anyone have one please. Also looking for pattern sheet for the Midnight wolves.
Would anyone have a copy ??
I am working on a huge rug my neighbor, who has passed away by now, had given me. The other day I broke a piece of the canvas, by pulling the piece of yarn through, too hard, I imagine. I can’t seem to find any answers concerning on repairing the canvas, so I can continue. Glue it? If so, how and what with? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
My mom bought a latch hook rug kit she really likes. It came without an instruction sheet. I have emailed the company and was told the manufacturer went out of business. The company she bought it from won't take it back. Is there any way I can track down the instructions for this kit? It's mcg textiles, beacon of hope
Dear Friends, I've done several off the shelf latch hook kits and am ready for my own design. I'm considering using a 5 mesh instead of a 3.75 mesh. It looks like I need a smaller latch hook tool? Anything I should be concerned about as I move to this? I presume I can use the same yarn and everything. I want the detail of the smaller resolution because it is a bit larger than fits the place I want to put it (24" square with 5 mesh). Thanks!

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