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Hello all. I am so glad this message board exists. I really hope someone will be able to help me. I am about 75% done with the Brilliant Blossoms Wonderart latch hook and my instructions have disappeared! I can't find them anywhere and I would really like to get this latch hook done before Christmas as I am gifting this to my grandmother. If anyone has the instructions, could you please post a picture of them for me? Thank you so much!
Yes I have all the yarn for it.
I have everything for this butterfly latch hook kit but my grandson has decided to scribble all over the instructions. He has also stabbed some holes in it and it is ripped in parts. I am desperate for another colour instruction. Can anyone please send one to me?
My puppy destroyed my sheet that said where the yarn went! Do any of y’all have a picture I can use so I can finish this for my grandma by Christmas?
I was given the subject latch hook kit but unfortunately there was no instruction sheet included. I contacted the company but they couldn't help so I am wondering if anyone has the instructions sheet they could share with me. It is a 34 x 50 inch rug. Thanks.
I lost the key to my Wonderart® Classic Latch Hook Kit, Deer and I was wondering if there was anywhere I could find another one.
I bought this and tried doing the grid by just the colors on the canvas and didn't get it completely correct and need a grid
Does anyone know how to enlarge a latch hook pillow to a rug size?
Hi everyone, This is probably a stupid question but I'm new! I have recently gotten into latch hook projects and I'm starting my first BIG project. The problem is that I'm not sure how to read the key in terms of the dimensions. The kit came with two pages of code but I don't understand if I should be using just one page or both. If I use both it won't fit on the canvas provided, but the pages are marked 1/2 and 2/2. The kit is from Herrschners and it's fairly big. Thanks, Tina
I am working on a latch hook rug measuring 27 x40". I can't imagine really using it as a rug, though. Has anyone ever turned a latch hook project into a blanket or throw? (I'm thinking it might be too heavy.) Any other uses for this piece?
U need the latch hook directions as to what color to use .does anyone know how I can get the directions. Thank you
Hello, would you happen to know where I can get the chart for the vintage frog? My Alzheimer’s father decided to use it as toilet paper LoL
i received a free pattern from the world of cross stitch of spooky wall hanking their is also a chart of tree three pumplins these are stitched all in black would any one no the year this pattern would be in can not find this at all thanks for all your help
i have lost the chart for my lab puppies latch hook is there somewhere i can get it online?
Need the color chart for this how do I get one thank you

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