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My mom bought a latch hook rug kit she really likes. It came without an instruction sheet. I have emailed the company and was told the manufacturer went out of business. The company she bought it from won't take it back. Is there any way I can track down the instructions for this kit? It's mcg textiles, beacon of hope
Dear Friends, I've done several off the shelf latch hook kits and am ready for my own design. I'm considering using a 5 mesh instead of a 3.75 mesh. It looks like I need a smaller latch hook tool? Anything I should be concerned about as I move to this? I presume I can use the same yarn and everything. I want the detail of the smaller resolution because it is a bit larger than fits the place I want to put it (24" square with 5 mesh). Thanks!
I bought the muscle car latch hook kit. My question is the thing that you use to make the latch hook some of the things on it broke is there a way to repair it or do I need to get another one?Katherine
is the canvas prestamped with the design?
I have gotten about halfway through and had misplaced my chart and wondered if there is a way to get another chart
Hi does this latch hook kits have everything in it reading reviews they say rhings ate missing
Does it include everything to make it and for finishing it?
Is this a huggable toy
About a year ago I bought the tiger cub latch hook kit. I got about halfway through before losing the papers with the color charts on them. Is there any way I can get a replacement of them without buying a whole other kit? And if so, who can I contact? Thanks in advance!
Hello. My problem is I don’t understand the instructions to tweed the colors on the Mickey Mouse face so I need like a video or something or a step by step illustration or something like that so please. If somebody has a solution please let me know thank you!
Need the color chart for this how do I get one thank you
Has anyone seen this kit for sale? It is discontinued and hard to find. Rare Vintage Dachshunds Dogs Latch Hook Rug Kit Herrschners 27" x 39"
Looking for kits that have shoes ,make-up , perfume bottles etc.
The yarn that comes in the kit is too short to work for adult fingers. the yarn is also inferior and splits as you pull it threw making it look very sloppy & untidy. Can I get yarn that is at least 2 1/2 inches long in the colors I need or must I return the whole kit? If I have to return the kit = where do I send it? Thank you for your time Diane Cloutier 678-594-3518
We have misplaced our directions/pattern for swingin’. Is there anyway we can get just the pattern?

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