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Would anybody have color charts for "In Harmony" and "Jesus knocking on the door"? I receive the canvas, pre-cut rug yarns, instruction for each kit but both kits were missing the color chart to complete the kits.
Is this kid friendly, is design on the mat easy to understand instructions
What is a heritage latch hook? Do you need a frame or can you do it without a frame, like a regular latch?
My bank account shows that you have charged me twice for subject order. Please respond.
I started a kit a while ago and I lost the folding thing that has the pattern on it, does anyone have a picture, or know where can get another. It is the Caron Wonderart wolf and it's 18" round.
I have completed a latch hook toilet seat cover and matching bathroom rug. Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced the finishing instructions for the toilet seat cover. Has anyone done one of these? If so can you offer a rundown of how to finish it? Thanks in advance!
looking for a pattern by dmc so this is probably an old on It goes like this If I had nine lives to live over
I just opened an M.C.G. textiles rug kit of Pooh and didn’t have the color chart inside. As everyone knows you cannot hook a rug without the color chart. Would anyone happen to have this particular color chart? I’ve messaged the company but haven’t heard back from them. I really want to make this rug and would appreciate it if someone could scan and send it to me or let me know of any other way to fix this issue and get the chart. Thank you!
Hi! I'm looking for 5 mesh canvas (5 holes per inch). I only see 3.75 mesh, which just doesn't give the same level of detail. Can anyone help? I found this but didn't know if there were other alternatives. Thanks! Sincerely, M4Mesh
Last year I hooked a beautiful rug of a Yorkie dog. I would like to do another one. I can't find the kit anywhere? Can anyone help?
Hi I have a horse head latch hook and I’ve started it awhile ago but then I moved due to a divorce. I have everything except for the paperwork for the color code and then the other one to go off of. Is there anyway of sending me the paperwork to the horse head and if so I would be grateful. This is for my daughter. Thank you Kim Romig
Hey there! I recently purchased a set but 3-4 of the colors are incredibly similar. I know this because after sorting I was missing 3 whole colors. Any ideas tips or tricks to figuring out which color is light brown and which is light-light brown ./
I am about halfway through this little cutie and have misplaced the pattern!!! Does anyone know where I can get a replacement?!?!
I purchased several ladder of yarn latch hook kits a number of years ago, but don't have any instructions. I contacted the company who made them, but to no avail. Has anyone ever done any of these kits
I was looking for one of your designs that was on your advertisement n could not find it. The beach with two white beach chairs with a Christmas tree

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