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Well i have the white majesty and i have lost the key, so i dont know which color of yarn goes on the rest of the squares. Is it possible for yall to send me another key or something so that i can finish it
I have a copy of the color chart/instructions for the Caron 5502 "Gordon" latch hook kit. I can send it to anyone if you send me your address via email. Keep on Hooking!
Can you personalize this for different letters? Can you make a J?
Does anyone know where I can find a latch hook kit for the Marine Corps insignia? My mom made a large round rug for my dad many years ago. Their house recently burned down and the rug was lost in the fire. I'm looking to make the same rug to replace the one that was lost.
I am looking for the pattern for latch hook kit Pot of Pansies. My mother started the kit but has passed away. I would like to complete the kit but the written pattern is missing. Can someone send it to me?
I was wondering if someone could help? I'm over three quarters of the way through this rug but I've lost the pattern. Does anyone have a copy I could get a copy of or know if there is a site I could get this from?
I'm looking for the vintage latch hook kit for "The Lord Is My Shepherd'". I want the kit, not something that is already made. It can be 18" x 24" or 24" x 36". This design seems to be made by both Malina and Sultana. Any help you can give would be very much appreciated. Thanks!!
I'd like to do an eclectic rug without a structured pattern. I have the canvas and lots of wool, but I can't find any examples of rugs like this or tips? Can anyone point me in the for.section please? Many thanks
My dog got a hold of the instruction sheet and i cannot finish the kit. Does anyone have a photo of the instruction sheet or know of a way I can get a new one?
I have the police car latch hook kit, but misplaced the instructions/guide. Would anyone know who I could contact? Thanks
Does anyone know where I can get a duplicate instruction sheet for this particular latch hook? I bought this a while ago for my daughter. Now she has decided to get it out and make it but we could not find the instructional sheet that usually accompanies the product in the box. I have looked everywhere and have decided maybe it didn't come with one. I know that sometimes, it is forgotten when packaging. If anyone knows where I can get one from, it would be nice or if you have an instructional sheet for this product, I would gladly pay you for postage and copying if you would be willing to send me a copy of it. Thank you. K.E.
I am working on a latch hook rug measuring 27 x40". I can't imagine really using it as a rug, though. Has anyone ever turned a latch hook project into a blanket or throw? (I'm thinking it might be too heavy.) Any other uses for this piece?
i am on my second latch kit now and its the dimensions butterfly kit and ive run out of pale green any tips on how to find the color again and replace it?
Try to order but cannot get into your site and can't figure out why cuz Ive done it for years. Can I purchase from here ro call and make order??????
Hi does anyone know if you can create your own project e.g a rug/cushion cover? Does it have to be a picture or can you design something using words? Any advice or assistance would be much appreciated.

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