Is there a different size hook for finer canvas?
Posted by: stevend655 on 12/20/14

There are finer hooks available for when someone is using 4 ply yarn, but we just offer the standard sized hooks. The standard sized hooks fit a canvas size between 3 1/3 holes to 1 inch. I hope this helps! Thank you :)

by: Kristi @ ELH on 12/24/14
there are 2 different sizes of hooks

the mesh makes the difference the 3.5 means 3/5 holes per inch
the 5 means 5 holes per inch
the 5 will make a denser rug or latch hook also more fun
try not to use a 3.5 ona 5 mesh as it will get the shape messed up and dont forget to start
latching on the horizontal threads not the twisted ---
hope this helps email me if you want to always glad to help
by: gummiepig on 01/01/15