7 year old
I have a 7 year old niece who loves crafts. Do you think latch hooking will be too difficult for her; too cumbersome for her small hands?
Posted by: dakreutzer on 11/24/13

I think she can do whatever she puts her mind to! She might need assistance at first, but once she gets the hang of it, she'll get it! :) Hope this helps!

by: Kaylee on 11/27/13
I think she can do it. I recommend starting out with a 6x6 inch kit. That is for ages 6 and up. Plus she will need to have you teach her in my opinion. My mom spy each she taught me. I am 11years old and I LOVE latch hook kits! They are so fun but you can do whatever you want! :)
by: iloveagdolls on 08/24/15
My daughter did her first kit when she was 7. I helped her with the canvas and we did a little discussion to clarify the instructions. I showed her how to keep her work area neat and the cats out of her lap when she was trying to work. She was enchanted with the project. It was a snowman-fairly large-she still has it and still discusses that first experience.
by: V on 11/23/15
Golly, just noticed how old this post was! Sorry!
by: V on 11/23/15