ladder of yarn latch hook kit
I purchased several ladder of yarn latch hook kits a number of years ago, but don't have any instructions. I contacted the company who made them, but to no avail. Has anyone ever done any of these kits
Posted by: sellingson on 08/06/16
I just found this site. I know post is old...but here goes. I too found a Latchhook rug with Ladder Yarn, at a thrift shop. There was no photo of what the rug will look like so I call it my mystery rug. There was limited instructions...but just enough to get the project started. Have been having fun with this project. Am about a third of the way finding it is a floral. Everyone who I show it progress...wants to see it finished. The Ladder Yarn is interesting...have never seen any like it. Have tried to locate more of these kits....but thus far have not been able to find any. Think the kit I Have was made in 1984. Also have come to the conclusion company has gone out of business. Will be working on this project. Am posting photo of progress.
by: Kwilts on 09/17/18
Another photo of the project...and the ladder yarn.
by: Kwilts on 09/17/18