5 mesh vs 3/75 ct
Could you tell me the difference in size from the 5 mesh and the 3.75 rug canvas?
thanks, Bonnie
Posted by: BonnieM on 11/30/16

The 5 mesh canvas will be 5 squares per inch and the 3.75 will be 3.75 squares per inch. The 5 inch canvas allows for greater detail in locker hook designs. It’s also great for creating smaller locker hooked projects. You can add monograms and create your own detailed designs.

The 3.75 canvas is your traditional rug hooking canvas. This is perfect for locker hooking rugs, baskets, tote bags, pillows, or ornaments.

Hope this information helps. Thank you :)

~Kristi @ ELH
by: Kristi @ ELH on 12/01/16
Thanks for this, too!
by: Anne on 10/26/18