Is the canvas color coded? How do I find only color coded canvases for latch hook?
Posted by: Julianne Nelsen on 01/15/18

This product is not color coded. Most manufacturers stopped making them that way a few years back. Dimensions is the only manufacturer that we have on our website that makes their kits with the design stamped on them. Caron, WonderArt and MCG Textiles will not have the design stamped. Thanks!

~Kristi @ ELH
by: Kristi @ ELH on 01/18/18
No don’t waste your money buying these kits..the chart to follow the pattern is so small you can barely count the squares..the mats aren’t cut straight & two sides of mine came frayed..the colors aren’t in separate bundles..making it time consuming to find correct color to hook..
by: on 01/20/18
I did find some on Amazon that are color coded on the canvas
by: JOANN on 01/21/18