latch hook rug cuddling dogs N-SKU 285261 Pid: 20934 Veraco
I bought this latch hook rug for $120.00 I love the pattern but the yarn is too short to latch. More importantly, it is so inferior, it splits apart before you can pull it through. Can I get different yarn , of better quality or do I have to pack it & send it back? Please let me know my options. Thank you Diane Cloutier order #129243
Posted by: on 04/21/18

You will need to contact our Customer Service department in order to get a return started. We don't handle order issues via the message boards due to privacy. You can contact Customer Service either by phone or email and they will be able to help you :) We aren't a latch hook manufacturer so we don't have replacements or other items for kits that are already put together. We are just an online retailer of latch hook products. Thanks!

~Kristi @ ELH
by: Kristi @ ELH on 04/23/18