Pattern/key needed for Wonderart/Caron Mother's Pride Cat Latch Hook Kit # 4459 27 x 40 inches
Hello. I am hoping that some one will be able to help me. I have the Wonderart/Caron latch hook kit, Mother's Pride # 4459 that is 27x40 inches. I need to locate the pattern/key- yarn guide that tells you what colors to latch where. The one that I had was destroyed and cannot be repaired as it is in little shreds (thanks to my cats and a water spill).

I tried calling the company to see if they had one in their archive but the Wonderart/Caron company was just bought out earlier this year and the new company that purchased it, did not have the archives come with the sale. They are now only selling latch hook kits to Joann Fabrics and Micheal's... directly.

If anyone has this pattern/color grid of where to place the strands of yarn on the canvas mesh and could make me a copy of this, I would be most grateful. The kit will be really hard to do without this yarn key grid.

I already tried looking on line to see if I could find one to down load and have not had any luck.

ANY help would be appreciated.
Posted by: Adelaide Wombat on 04/23/18
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