Tiger cub latch hook
About a year ago I bought the tiger cub latch hook kit. I got about halfway through before losing the papers with the color charts on them. Is there any way I can get a replacement of them without buying a whole other kit? And if so, who can I contact? Thanks in advance!
Posted by: mbj567 on 05/14/18

You can contact the manufacturer of the kit to see if they can send you a replacement copy. Here is the link to their website and the contact information is at the bottom of the homepage. Thanks!


~Kristi @ ELH

by: Kristi @ ELH on 05/15/18
Do you still need this? I have a copy of the pattern.
by: Dcole86 on 05/24/18
Did you find the pattern? I'm looking for it too and can't find it anywhere
by: Tasha123 on 06/10/18