lab puppies
i have lost the chart for my lab puppies latch hook is there somewhere i can get it online?
Posted by: ann on 11/10/18
Hello. If the "lab puppies kit" is the current Caron Wonderart one, who may possibly get one by calling the company. I believe this is still in production. I know if it is a kit that is older and no longer current, they do not have the patterns. I tried earlier this year to obtain an old pattern from a kit no longer in production and was told by a lady at Caron that they did not have the pattern . Apparently, the company was sold/exchanged hands and the patterns from the old kits did not pass on to this new company. Also, a person used to be able to put in a request to have missing pieces of yarn sent out to you, for free, if your kit fell short of the color, but this services is no longer offered by the new owners of Caron/Wonderart ( that is what the lady told me over the phone). This had been a nice service to request the missing pieces of yarn via a form on their web site.

I hope you are able to obtain your pattern.
It would be helpful to others to let them know, if indeed it is the Caron kit of the three lab puppies, as someone may be able to make a copy of their pattern and send it to you if Caron will not do this when you call them.
by: Adelaide Wombat on 11/12/18