Please Please help
I have been working on this latch hook i was given by a friend my first ive ever done and now over 10 years later i have not yet finished i recently took out my art box and found the latch hook i would now like to really finish it but in all my moving from place to place I have lost the color key and have looked everywhere to find one and have e-mail companies if anybody can give it to me or knows where i can find it would be greatly appreciated. It is the dolphins latch hook #4453 thank you
Posted by: Angelfish14 on 06/20/19

You will need to contact the manufacturer of your latch hook in order to get any replacements for it. If you need finding contact information, just let me know the name of the manufacturer of your kit and I can get you their info. Thanks!

~Kristi @ ELH
by: Kristi @ ELH on 06/24/19